Q. Do I need a prescription?

A. Yes, for medications requiring a prescription in Canada, we require a valid prescription from a physician licensed to practice in your area of residence.

Q. Can you fill prescriptions from American doctors?

A. Yes, once a Canadian physician has reviewed your “chart” and approved the prescription. We only accept prescriptions which the patient has been on for a minimum of 30 days.

Q. Is there a limit on how much I can buy?

A. Yes, you can purchase only a maximum of 3 month supply of your medication. If your physician writes a prescription for more than 3 month supply, then we can fill the refills as they come due.

Q. How do I know that Customs will allow my medication across the border?

A. As long as you have had a physical with a doctor in the United States within a year and have been on the prescribed medication for at least 30 days, it is legal to order a 3 month supply for your personal use.

Q. How do I pay for my order?

A. We accept Visa and MasterCard. Your bill is in US funds.

Q. What drugs are not available?

A. Pressurized inhalers, medications requiring refrigeration, narcotics, pain relievers, sleeping pills, (hypnotics and sedatives) and controlled substances.

Q. How will my medicine be delivered?

A. Prescriptions will be sent by Express Post.

Q. Will you accept my insurance?

A. No, but we will provide you with a receipt.

Q. I am a new customer, how do I get started?

A. Go to the “For the New Customer” page and select new customer.

Step 1. Complete and Sign the:
a. Patient Medical Information Form
b. Patient Agreement
c. Order Form
d. Credit Authorization Form

Step 2. Send us your order.
There are 2 ways to send in your order;
a. Mail the signed forms and the original prescription and photocopy of photo identification.
b. Fax the signed forms to our fax number:

Q. Why are medicines cheaper in Canada? Is the quality the same?

A. The Canadian government limits the cost of prescription medication, consumer advertising of drugs is not allowed in Canada, retail markups on drug prices are regulated and the US dollar exchange rate is very favorable.

The Canadian government has very strict requirements for the manufacture of medications in Canada. These requirements are very similar to the requirements in the US. Generic medications are all manufactured in Canada under Canada’s stringent requirements

Q. Why do some drugs have different names in Canada?

A. These are trade or brand names registered by the manufacturer. In countries manufacturers will often use different trade names. The medicines have the same active ingredients, but may look different and have a different trade name. (eg Prilosec (US), Canada (Losec); Augmentin (US), Canada (Clavulin).

Q. Are all drugs available in Canada?

A. No. We do not have all the medications that are available in other countries. We do have the majority of medications available in Canada. Please email for quote or phone our toll free # and speak to a Customer Service Representative.

Q. Do I get charged a shipping fee for each prescription?
A. Yes. Each prescription has a shipping fee.

Q. Are all drugs less expensive in Canada?

A. No. The majority are less expensive, but there are some exceptions. To obtain this information, go to our “Get a Price Quote” page. All our prices are in CAD dollars.

Q. Do I need to change my doctor? Do I need to change my medicine?

A. No. Your medical condition will continue to be managed by your regular physician.

The only medicine which will be prescribed is the medicine you are already taking. If your medication is not available in Canada, you would be advised if an alternative product is available. You would then need to discuss this with your physician.

Q. Are refills available?

A. First prescriptions are usually written for 90 days. Refills of the same prescription can be ordered by phone, email or fax.

Q. Do I have to fill out one of these forms every time I order?

A. No. These forms must be filled out for a first customer and sent to us along with the doctor’s prescriptions by fax or mail and photocopy of photo identification. These forms permit us to ship the medications to you and provide a personal and family health history. The prescription written by your doctor advises the medicine he or she has prescribed for your condition.

Q. How long will it take?

A. Allow minimum of 21 business days for your first order and a maximum of 14 business days for any refills.

Q. Can I transfer a prescription from a local pharmacy?

A. No, you will need to fax or mail original.

Q. Return Policy?

A. Prescriptions and OTC medications that have been dispensed and shipped to the customer are non-returnable under Canadian Law.

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